Plenary Events


Our Focussed Workshops will provide a mechanism to nucleate new collaborative partnerships that wil lead to outstanding science and the award of grants by research councils. One of the central goals of the Plenary Events will be to prepare the ground for those Workshops and to help us build a programme for understanding the physics of life. Discussion sessions will be a very important element of the events, and it is hoped that all attendees will come ready to engage fully in that element of the programme.

Who should attend?

We invite particiption by academic staff from physical and life science departments in the UK who are interested in the central goal of the Network. We are particularly keen to encourage participation by clinicians and industrial scientists, to foster the development of relationships with end-users of the research.


The topics for these meetings have been chosen to provide critical cross-length-scale challenges while at the same time also providing tractable problems that may be amenable to cross-disciplinary approaches involving partnerships between physicists and biologists. At these meetings we will ask the community to begin the process of drawing up a strategic roadmap for understanding the physics of life. The meetings have been designed to provide a fertile atmosphere for creative thought, with keynote talks by international leaders whose brief is to address broad questions in a provocative fashion.

22/23 July 2013 The Living Cell, University of Sheffield

5/6 September 2013 Synthetic Biology, York University

8/9 January 2014 Multicellularity, Oxford University




Network Activities