Following a very successful Launch Event on April 8, the next key events for the Network are our “Plenary Events". The topics for these meetings have been chosen to provide critical cross-length-scale challenges while at the same time also providing tractable problems that may be amenable to cross-disciplinary approaches involving partnerships between physicists and biologists. At these meetings we will ask the community to begin the process of drawing up a strategic roadmap for understanding the physics of life. The meetings have been designed to provide a fertile atmosphere for creative thought, with keynote talks by international leaders whose brief is to address broad questions in a provocative fashion.

One of the central goals of the Plenary Events will be to generate ideas for a series of eight Focussed Workshops that will provide our main focus for the remainder of the Network. These Workshops will providean opportunity to build new partnerships that will, we hope, provide a basis for seeking substantial new research grants from research councils.

Launch Event

8 April 2013 Institute of Physics, London

Plenary Events

22/23 July 2013 The Living Cell, University of Sheffield

5/6 September 2013 Synthetic Biology, York University

8/9 January 2014 Multicellularity, Oxford University




Network Activities